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The action Bible study Bible : ESV

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See God in action in this illustrated study Bible for kids and teens What do you get when you combine the trusted English Standard Version with illustrations from Marvel comic artist Sergio Cariello? An amazing study Bible that brings God's Word to life for kids and teens Study tools include: Ancient Archives -- Discover the cultural history of ancient times - what were weapons, food, clothes, houses, celebrations and traditions like?Experience the Drama -- Comic artist Sergio Cariello's dramatic illustrations capture your imagination and transport you to another timeWhat About This? -- Gain insights to tough questions about faithUnlock It -- Learn who did what, when, and where ... and why it mattersGuess It --You get five clues to guess the person, place, or thing in this built-in Bible trivia gameActivate -- Reflect on Bible themes and see them applied to your lifeBook introductions -- Get the big picture of each book in the BiblePlus maps, a dictionary, and more Within these pages you'll read amazing true stories and see God's Word come to life in incredible detail. You'll explore ancient worlds in new and exciting ways and meet fascinating kings and queens, heroic warriors, faithful prophets, and daring revolutionaries. But that's not all: you will see God in action in your own life

Developed by David C Cook, this brand new study Bible contains features written by an extraordinary team of divinity scholars and teachers, as well as illustrations by renowned artist Sergio Cariello.Sergio Cariello was born in Brazil in 1964. He has illustrated comics since learning to hold a pencil and has worked on many beloved comic books for Marvel and DC Comics. Sergio attended the Word of Life Bible Institute and the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon--later becoming an instructor at the prestigious art school. He currently resides in Florida with his wife, Luzia.

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