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Marvin Redpost 4 : alone in his teacher's house

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Marvin的級任老師Mrs. North有事要出遠門一週,除找了一位老師代課外,她希望Marvin可以每天定時去她家照顧心愛的小狗並把信件拿進屋內。班上有那麼多同學,老師卻只信任Marvin而把鑰匙交給他,這是多麼光榮的一件事,還有薪水及獎金可領呢!雖然Marvin很盡力做好老師交代的每一件事,但老師的狗卻莫名其妙地死了,Marvin會接受同學的建議轉學到別的學校以避開老師的怒氣?或者應該勇敢面對現實?作者以細膩的筆觸描寫Marvin的心境變換及同學們對Marvin態度的轉變,使這本書更值得推薦給讀者。
This chapter book in Newbery Honor-winning and bestselling author Louis Sachar''s Marvin Redpost series shows what happens when Marvin gets his first job. Marvin is really excited to take care of his teacher''s dog while she''s away. He''ll even earn a bonus if he does a good job And he gets to be alone in his teacher''s house But when Mrs. North''s dog starts to look sick, Marvin isn''t sure he''ll get that bonus. In fact, Mrs. North may never talk to Marvin again Hilarious and relatable, Marvin Redpost is perfect for kids who love to bond with quirky characters like Junie B. Jones and George Brown, Class Clown.

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