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Marvin Redpost 2 : Why pick on me?

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Marvin與班上最愛欺負人的Clarence比賽壁球,Marvin說他看到了球出界,所以他贏了!但Clarence卻說Marvin當時正專心地挖鼻孔,怎能看到球出界?又說Marvin把鼻屎黏在球上,害大家都不敢再碰那顆球!謠言越傳越嚴重,Marvin竟成了史上最會挖鼻屎的噁心人!連老師都在聯絡簿上要家長輔導 Marvin注重衛生習慣,可憐的Marvin要如何化解這場空前的危機?
This sidesplitting chapter book in Newbery Honor-winning and bestselling author Louis Sachar''s Marvin Redpost series takes on rumors and teasing. There''s a rumor at school that Marvin Redpost picks his nose. Clarence started it, and now everyone believes it. Even Marvin''s friends are embarrassed to be seen with him Can Marvin figure out how to change everyone''s mind? Or is he doomed to be teased forever? Hilarious and relatable, Marvin Redpost is perfect for kids who love to bond with quirky characters like Junie B. Jones and George Brown, Class Clown.

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