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Marvin Redpost 1 : Kidnapped at birth?

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Marvin Redpost是紅頭髮藍眼珠的左撇子,而家中其他成員卻是棕色頭髮棕色眼珠的右撇子,與家中成員的特徵差異如此大,不禁讓Marvin懷疑自己應該是父母撿來的吧?或者他應該是個王子,在出生的第一天就被綁走了?難道他現在的父母就是當時的綁匪嗎?請耐心看完全書,期待答案揭曉。
This chapter book series by Newbery Honor-winning and bestselling author Louis Sachar features one hilariously overactive imagination Marvin Redpost has never felt like he fits in with his family. So when he hears a news report about a missing prince who looks just like him, he knows exactly what happened. Now all he has to do is tell Mr. and Mrs. Redpost that it''s time for him to move in with his real parents at the castle.... Hilarious and relatable, Marvin Redpost is perfect for kids who love to bond with quirky characters like Junie B. Jones and George Brown, Class Clown.

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