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Afterschool charisma. vol. 4

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轉寄 列印
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History repeats itself... Or does it?Reads R to L (Japanese Style). Florence Nightingale (1820–1910) British nurse who made tremendous contributions to the modern nursingsystem. Received her nursing education in Germany before serving aschief nurse in a London hospital. Drafted into military service duringthe Crimean War, Nightingale strove to improve sanitation amid thewretched conditions of the military field hospital she managed. Alsorecognized as a pioneering statistician for her tireless compilation ofstatistical materials. During her military service, her beneficence anddedication to her hospital rounds at night earned her the nicknames “theLady with the Lamp” and “the Angel of the Crimea.”

Kumiko Suekane worked at a video game company before becoming a successful mangaka. Besides Afterschool Charisma, her other work includes Blood+ A, Once Upon a Glashma (Hajimari no Gurashuma), and Seijou Koucha-kan no Jijou (The Seijou Teahouse Affair).

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