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Sleeping beauty

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50 books to guide your child through the early stages of reading (重量: 3.7 KG)含50本讀本,其中1. 最初級的14本,出自Usborne First Reading 系列的Level Three。這些故事,包含很多經典的童話故事,可以培養小朋友的自信。2. 再來的16本,出自Usborne First Reading系列的Level Four, 故事稍長,希望訓練小朋友能有閱讀一段故事的耐心。3. 本套書裡最難的20本,出自Usborne Young Reading系列的Series One, 本套書的任何一本都有包含幾個生動的短篇故事,或是一篇簡單、好讀的長篇故事。  書目如下:1. The King's Pudding (First Reading Level Three)2. The Goose That Laid the Golden Eggs (First Reading Level Three)3. Chicken Licken (First Reading Level Three)4. The Musicians of Bremen (First Reading Level Three)5. The Mouse's Wedding (First Reading Level Three)6. The Boy Who Cried Wolf (First Reading Level Three)7. The Magic Pear Tree (First Reading Level Three)8. The dinosaur who lost his roar (First Reading Level Three)9. The Enormous Turnip (First Reading Level Three)10. The Three Little Pigs (First Reading Level Three)11. The Little Red Hen (First Reading Level Three)12. The Gingerbread Man (First Reading Level Three)13. The Magic Porridge Pot (First Reading Level Three)14. The Leopard and the Sky God (First Reading Level Three)15. The Tin Soldier (First Reading Level Four)16. The Golden Carpet (First Reading Level Four)17. The Runaway Pancake (First Reading Level Four)18. The Ugly Duckling (First Reading Level Four)19. The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse (First Reading Level Four)20. Goldilocks and the Three Bears (First Reading Level Four)21. Little Red Riding Hood (First Reading Level Four)22. The Reluctant Dragon (First Reading Level Four)23. The Inch Prince (First Reading Level Four)24. The Emperor and the Nightingale (First Reading Level Four)25. Androcles and the Lion (First Reading Level Four)26. The Hare and the Tortoise (First Reading Level Four)27. Baba Yaga - The Flying Witch (First Reading Level Four)28. The Owl and the Pussy Cat (First Reading Level Four)29. Princess Polly and the pony (First Reading Level Four)30. Dick Whittington (First Reading Level Four)31. Cinderella (Young Reading Series One)32. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (Young Reading Series One)33. Saint George and the Dragon (Young Reading Series One)34. The Wooden Horse (Young Reading Series One)35. The Monkey King (Young Reading Series One)36. Aladdin and his Magical Lamp (Young Reading Series One)37. Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves (Young Reading Series One)38. The Adventures of Sinbad the Sailor (Young Reading Series One)39. Jack and the Beanstalk (Young Reading Series One)40. The Princess and the Pea (Young Reading Series One)41. The Little Mermaid (Young Reading Series One)42. The Nutcracker (Young Reading Series One)43. Puss in Boots (Young Reading Series One)44. The Frog Prince (Young Reading Series One)45. Hansel and Gretel (Young Reading Series One)46. The Elves and the Shoemaker (Young Reading Series One)47. Rumpelstiltskin (Young Reading Series One)48. Rapunzel (Young Reading Series One)49. Sleeping Beauty (Young Reading Series One)50. The runaway princess (Young Reading Series One)同時推薦My First Reading Library (50本平裝讀本) Usborne Reading Collection (40本平裝讀本) Reading Collection for Confident Readers (40本平裝讀本) 第一系列 My First Reading Library (50本平裝讀本) 按此前往 商品除瑕疵品外,恕不接受退換貨因拍攝略有色差,圖片僅供參考,顏色請以實際收到商品為準

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