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Festivals are fun : a journey through Britain's festivals and events

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Do you want to join us on our A-Z journey around the festivals of Britain?Would you like to learn about the biggest dog show in the world? Or how many fire festivals there are in Britain? Do you want to know what happens during the festival of sleep and find out on which day British people eat pancakes?You can discover the answers to these questions and learn much more about the different festivals and events that happen every year in Britain. Let’s go and have some fun!本書收錄了由A到Z各個字母的英國節日,準備好和我們來一趟英國探險之旅了嗎?你想知道世界最大的狗狗秀在哪裡辦嗎?又或者你知道在英國有多個煙火節?你想知道在睡覺節時,人們會做甚麼嗎?而英國人又是哪一天吃薄煎餅呢?想知道的話,你可以從每年於英國舉行的各個慶典及活動來解惑呦!準備好繫上安全帶,和我們一起玩英國了嗎?

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