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Ready, Freddy! 8 : Halloween fraidy-cat

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FREDDY THRESHER knows that goblins arent't real,and that haunted huoses aren't really haunted.Or are they?Freddy loves Halloween,but even a scary mask can send chills up his spine.If Freddy can't overcome his fears fefore Chloe's big Halloween party,he'll look like a fraidy-cat in front of the whole class!SHARK ALERT!Freddy Thresher is an expert on sharks.Don't miss Freddy's Fun Pages at the back of the book!

Abby Klein was born and raised in Los Angeles, California and has been a kindergarten and first-grade teacher for more than twenty years. She and her husband, two children, and four dogs live in Williston, Vermont.John McKinley has been drawing all his life. He is the celebrated illustrator of the Ready, Freddy! series. He and his family live in Northern California.

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