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The Beginning Woods

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轉寄 列印
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A MYSTERY NO ONE CAN SOLVE The Vanishings started without warning. People disappearing into thin air--just piles of clothes left behind. Each day, thousands gone without a trace. A BABY NO ONE WANTED Abandoned in a bookshop, Max has grown up haunted by memories of his parents. Only he can solve the mystery of the Vanishings. A SECRET THAT COULD SAVE THE FUTURE To find the answers, Max must leave this world and enter the Beginning Woods, a realm of magic and terror where stories are all too real. A STORY THAT WILL TAKE YOU TO ANOTHER WORLD Greater than your dreams. Darker than your fears. Full of more wonder than you could ever desire. Welcome to the ineffable Beginning Woods. . . .

Malcolm McNeill was born in England and grew up in Scotland. The Beginning Woods is his first book.

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