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Trying to become pregnant can turn sex into an act of forced labor and drudgery. Fortunately, talents like the U.K.'s Elton can turn it all on its head to create a laughing-out-loud novel in which Lucy, using thermometers, New Age remedies, and specimen jars, "keeps trying," and husband Sam, who's a BBC executive, "keeps going along with it all." As this marital tragicomedy unfolds, readers are made privy to the couple's alternating diary entries, thus seeing them as they see each other and themselves, all too often a most incongruent mix. Though married for more than a decade, these two, like so many couples, seem to know precious little about each other and even less about themselves. Lucy's demands almost drive Sam insane, and the stress of "trying" eventually strains their marriage until they hilariously and hurtfully betray each other. Elton strives for a balance between tearful poignancy and belly laughs, and, happily, often succeeds in this clever, entertaining, and timely novel. Whitney ScottCopyright © American Library Association. All rights reserved

--This text refers to the Paperback edition.

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