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Bestselling novelist Carl Hiaasen is back with another hysterical mystery adventure for young readers, set in the Florida Keys. You know it's going to be a rough summer when you spend Father's Day visiting yourdad in the local lockup. Noah's dad is sure that the owner of the Coral Queen casinoboat is flushing raw sewage into the harbor–which has made taking a dip at the localbeach like swimming in a toilet. He can't prove it though, and so he decides thatsinking the boat will make an effective statement. Right. The boat is pumped outand back in business within days and Noah's dad is stuck in the clink. Now Noah isdetermined to succeed where his dad failed. He will prove that the Coral Queen isdumping illegally . . . somehow. His allies may not add up to much–his sister Abbey,an unreformed childhood biter; Lice Peeking, a greedy sot with poor hygiene; Shelly,a bartender and a woman scorned; and a mysterious pirate–but Noah's got a plan toflush this crook out into the open. A plan that should sink the crooked little casino,once and for all.

Carl Hiaasen is a columnist for the Miami Herald and is the author of many bestselling novels, including Basket Case and Skinny Dip. Hiassen’s first novel for young readers, Hoot, was also a bestseller, and received a Newbery Honor Award. The author lives in the Florida Keys.

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